The Anywhere Ball

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The Anywhere Ball Baseball/Softball Foam Training Ball

The Anywhere Ball lives up to its name, since it can be used pretty much anywhere you can safely swing a bat.

My first experience with this ball was at a local tournament where a bunch of teams were crowded into a small facility. There wasn’t much room to warm up, so most of the teams were left standing around waiting for a spot.

While we were standing around waiting for one of the few warm-up spots to open up and wondering whether or not we were going to have time to get out bats warmed up before the game, the coach of the team we were playing walked past us. He surveyed the situation, gathered his team and had a couple batters line up near a wall at the back of the field.

I watched in amazement as he pulled out these new balls and started hitting them off the wall. Curiosity got the best of me, so I approached the coach and asked if I could see one of them.

He tossed me a ball and the first thing that struck me was how soft they were. Then I noticed the name: The Anywhere Ball.

I asked the coach where he’d used them and he told me he used them pretty much anywhere and everywhere he took his team. They’re great balls for warming up in tight locations because they can be hit against most surfaces without damaging the surface.

I hopped on the Internet as soon as I got home and found they were sold out pretty much everywhere I looked. I finally managed to snag a couple packs of these balls from

Now, when we arrive at a field to find the teams packed into tiny warm-up areas like sardines, we find a wall or fence to warm up against. It allows us to warm our bats up while the other teams are left standing around.

I’ve got a bucket of these balls I keep in the garage, so my daughter can keep working on her swing when the weather turns cold and rainy. We can head out to the garage anytime she wants, rain or shine, night or day, and hit a bucket or two of balls against the wall.

The best part about the Anywhere ball is it isn’t just good for warming up in tight spaces. They’re also great balls for warming up with when there’s plenty of room to pitch because, unlike whiffle balls, the Anywhere Ball provides instant feedback to the batter.

Hit an Anywhere Ball right on the money and it jumps off the bat and flies a long way. Hit one on the top or the bottom of the ball and they wobble and quickly fall to the ground. Batters are able to instantly see whether they made good contact and can adjust their swings accordingly.

Oh yeah, there’s one more benefit, and this is one the coaches on your team will love.

Anybody who’s gotten hit dead-on by a whiffle ball that’s been smoked by a power hitter can attest to the fact that whiffle balls hurt (and can leave welts). If you’re tired of dodging whiffles, the Anywhere Ball is a much softer alternative.

Check out the Anywhere balls at by clicking the affiliate link below or clicking on the image of the ball at the top of the post:

The Anywhere Ball Baseball/Softball Foam Training Ball

These balls are in stock now, but sell out quickly every time Amazon gets them in, so place your order now while they’re still available.

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